23rd April 1991: It is announced that Government will issue two radio licences , one of which to Multicomm Ltd.

23rd April 1991: Nationalist Party statement announces setting up of radio station to be called Radio 101.

11th June 1991: Agreement is signed between Nationalist Party Secretary General Dr Austin Gatt and Harris Int for the supply of studio equipment.

10th August 1991: Radio 101 logo designed by Tonio Cremona, is launched.

25th August 1991: Lou Bondi and Victor Formosa are appointed respectively Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Radio 101.

28th September 1991: The Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami inaugurates Radio 101′s studios in San Gwann. After, Radio 101 goes on air to the strains of John Lennon’s Imagine sung by Getting Closer. The first programme is hosted by Jackie Bartolo, John Bundy and Charles Saliba.

20th April 1992: For the first time in the history of Maltese Broadcasting, Radio 101 broadcasts live a rock concert . From Wembley Stadium its The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert . During the same year Radio 101 will also broadcast a Dire Straits concert from Basle Switzerland and the Bob Dylan 20th Anniversary Concert from Madison Square Gardens in New York .

25th May 1994: Richard Muscat and Kevin Drake are appointed respectively Managing Director and Head of Programmes of Radio 101.

1st February 1998: Radio 101 moves to Nationalist Party Headquarters in Pieta.

14th December 1999: Radio 101 broadcaster, John Bundy sets a new Guinness World Record for continuous broadcasting (50 hours). During the programme, Lm 80,000 are collected for NET Televisions Outside Broadcasting Unit.

6th January 2000: Anton Attard and Noel Mallia are appointed respectively Broadcasting Manager and Consultant Co-Ordinator Radio 101.

28th May 2005: Radio 101 moves to new studios on the 4th floor of the new building occupied by Media.link Communications. The first broadcast is “Il-Fatti Kollha” a discussion programme hosted by Keith Demicoli and featuring The Prime Minister The Hon Dr Lawrence Gonzi, as guest.

Veteran presenter Charles Saliba replaced Noel Mallia as Broadcasting Manager and Co-Ordinator Radio 101 in April 2010, a position he still holds today.

Throughout its twenty-three year history Radio 101 has won a number of awards :

1993: Liliana Risiott – BPC Award in Journalism

1995: Noel Mallia – Rock CV – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

1997: Noel Mallia – Snin tar-rock n roll – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

1998: Noel Mallia – Snin tar-rock n roll – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

1999: Noel Mallia – Rockfile 2 – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

2000: Noel Mallia – Rockfile 2 – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

2001: Eric Montfort – Il-mixja ghall-Indipendenza – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

2003: Eric Montfort – Gorg Borg Olivier Missier Malta Indipendenti – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award

2003: Noel Mallia – Minn Liverpool sa Abbey Road – Malta Broadcasting Authority Award.



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